Prepare. Read. Understand.

Hello. My name is Jan Paul. Yes, J-A-N (most people misspelled my name) and as you probably know, this is my first blog and it would be a great idea to start kicking off by giving you some information about myself.

I live in this world for more than a decade and 8 years now. I was born in Maasin City, Southern Leyte which you probably have no idea where this place is. I am studying BS Accountancy in my hometown which is quite the “easiest course” you can think of… sarcasm. I am supposed to be reading and answering Accounting problems rn, but hell yeah, Life is boring! Thanks to the internet!

I don’t enjoy playing sports unless it doesn’t require much effort. I like to sit alone on a couch or in my bed and think about how wonderful and complex the universe is. On the other hand, I find myself get enjoyed when I am in front of my computer doing nothing, literally nothing and of which took me to go to this site and start murmuring about myself and my opinions.

I am a boring person, well most people say I don’t but for me I am. I don’t have that huge circle of friends, I only have like 3 best friends since High School and rn, we’re no good. We went to different colleges and took different courses.

I can’t say I am a smart-ass/nerd guy because I haven’t met any true geniuses in my life in which I can compare myself into. Geniuses like if you asked them what is the square root of all the numbers on the calculator added and subtracted alternately and they answer in like, half a second, they’re the true geniuses.

I have this skinny body type which I presume to be thinner than our ozone layer. I eat a lot but you know, metabolism is faster than my eating career.

I like watching movies especially science fiction movies. Stranger Things is legit! And oh, Music is life. It keeps my hormones active and alive. Ed Sheeran, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for your music. And lastly, I am not good at keeping secrets, I just don’t.

So that’s it. Thank you for reading through my first blog and I hope you learn a lot about myself. Don’t forget to subscribe for you to get updated with my future blog posts.